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Bajaj Service Center Delhi NCR

Bajaj Service Center in Delhi NCR

We know the joy and comfort that a Bajaj bike brings to your daily commute. However, to maintain them in tip-top shape and high on performance, you need to visit a reputed Bajaj service center in Delhi NCR. Local garages are just not able to deliver the service you expect. Awful experiences at such garages can push your high priority bike maintenance and service at the bottom of the pyramid. As a reputed and authentic Bajaj bike service center in Delhi NCR, we offer a bouquet of services that remove the hassles of bike servicing and helps you maintain them in the best way possible.

Benefits of visiting Kay Dee Bajaj Service Center in Delhi NCR

Our exposure in the industry coupled with our in-depth understanding of the customer requirements has helped us create a 360-degree Bajaj two-wheeler servicing package that covers periodic maintenance, accidental and normal repairs, breakdown assistance, and customizations or modifications. Our services are modeled around providing the cost-benefit to customers while keeping the service quality at optimum. When you visit Kay Dee Bajaj bike service center in Delhi NCR we make sure that your two-wheeler is serviced by certified mechanics, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to deliver the best outcomes. We use original spares and parts during any servicing.

Why us?

  • Exclusive Mechanics: We value customer satisfaction and that is why we have handpicked well-trained and talented mechanics to make sure that there are no complaints.
  • Total Transparency: We want customers to return back to our Bajaj bike service center in Delhi NCR time and again. That is why we keep our services and transactions completely transparent. Whether it is spares, pricing, or any other aspect of service, transparency is a benchmark we follow.
  • Flexible Model: We strive towards catering utmost satisfaction to customers with our services. We have modeled our services to suit the convenience of customers. We can provide services at your home, office or any other alternate location at a time that suits your schedule.
  • Optimum Quality: We care deeply about your ride experience and that is why we keep raising the quality bar of our services to make sure that our customers get nothing but the best. High-quality services at low costs is a motto that we live by.
  • Women Friendly: Women face stiff obstacles in maintaining their Bajaj two-wheelers, and more often than not they have to seek help from their male counterparts for this task. We provide a simple solution to this problem. All women have to do is call us or schedule an appointment online and our mechanic will be at your doorstep to service your two-wheeler. This makes our services very women-friendly.
  • Detailed Service Logs: At Kay Dee Bajaj we provide a detailed log where the services provided and spares changed are mentioned. This helps customers provide authentic data of their vehicle when planning to sell the two-wheeler.
  • Periodic Reminders: We care for the well-being of your two-wheeler and want you to have a safe driving experience at all times. This is why we get in touch with you through periodic reminders to keep you updated on the due service dates.

Tips from Kay Dee Bajaj Experts to Keep Your Bike in Good Shape!

  • Visit only authorized service after searching by “Bajaj service center near me“. Following this norm ensures the best care towards your two-wheeler and extends its longevity as well as better performance.
  • Follow the owner manual to understand the maintenance schedule, service procedures, and other important information.
  • Service the Bajaj two-wheeler, at least once in every 3 months. You may increase the duration to 5 months if you don’t drive extensively.
  • Ensure that all fluids, including the engine oil, brake oil, coolant, etc. are replaced on time.
  • Maintain a desirable air pressure in your tires and check them for signs of baldness. Always change the tires in pairs.
  • Given the dusty conditions in India, it is important to keep the air filter clean and replace it at recommended intervals.
  • Make sure that the clutch is adjusted properly. It should not be too tight or too loose.
  • Important engine parts such as the carburetor and spark plug should be cleaned periodically and changed when recommended by experts.

Our Process

  1. Book a Service (over the call or by online request)
  2. Choose a Date, Time and Location of preference
  3. Receive an appointment confirmation
  4. We reach your place or you visit our Bajaj service center in Delhi NCR
  5. Two-wheeler gets attended and serviced immediately
  6. Servicing or repair in done within the shortest time

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FAQs: Bajaj Service Center in Delhi NCR

Do Kay Dee Bajaj Motorcycle Repair Centres In Delhi NCR Deal In Motorcycle Accessories?

Kay Dee Bajaj, authorized Bajaj service center in Delhi NCR provides all essential and optional accessories for Bajaj motorcycles. Essential accessories like original leg guards, rear view mirrors, handle bars, back rests etc. are available as spares. Optional accessories like bike gear locks, disc locks, helmet locks, helmet, seat covers etc. are also available. You will not find accessories for other brands of two wheelers.

Do Kay Dee Bajaj Motorcycle Service Centres In Delhi NCR Provide Motorcycle Pick-Up And Drop Services?

Yes, Kay Dee Bajaj, bike service center exclusively for Bajaj bikes, provides Pick-up and Drop facility for Bajaj bikes. This is subject to the location being within 10kms of the service center. Also, a fee of Rs. 500.00 + GST is charges for this pick-up and drop facility.

Will The Repair Centre Give A Service Warranty On The Repair Work?

Yes, all repair work done has a warranty along with it. The period of warranty depends on the work done. You can check for the same by calling Kay Dee Bajaj on 8510055132 or 0120-4500719.

Which Spare Parts Do The Dealers Use?

All Bajaj authorized dealers use genuine and original Bajaj spare parts. Kay Dee Bajaj, authorized Bajaj service center in Delhi uses only genuine Bajaj spare parts. Most of the parts are available at Kay Dee Bajaj but some parts are ordered on demand from Bajaj Auto Ltd.

What Is The Repair Cost Charged By Kay Dee Bajaj Motorcycle Repair Centre In Delhi NCR ?

Kay Dee Bajaj is the most reasonable priced Bajaj service center in Delhi NCR. You can check the prices with us to find that we are the lowest cost authorized service center of Bajaj in Delhi NCR. Be it a paid service or a repair work, we guarantee to give the services at the best price in Delhi NCR.

Do you know the location of Kay Dee Bajaj service Centre in Delhi NCR?

Kay Dee Bajaj is located in Delhi NCR at H 14 Sector-63, Noida. For the exact location please follow the given link on Google map,77.379279,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xa46d2db5b231b13d!8m2!3d28.6301179!4d77.379279.

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