Bajaj bike 5 year warranty. Warranty on Bajaj Pulsar, Platina, Avenger

Warranty on Bajaj Bike

Warranty on Bajaj Bike

Bajaj Auto Ltd. (hereinafter called ‘Bajaj’) warrants its motorcycles (hereinafter called ‘Vehicles’) assembled/manufactured in its Plants and sold through its authorized dealers, to be free from any defect- both in material and workmanship, under normal use and conditions, subject to the following terms & conditions.


a) Bajaj warrants all its motorcycles for a period of 5 years or 75000 Km, whichever is earlier, from the date of purchase.

b) it is mandatory to avail of all free and paid services from Kaydee Bajaj’s authorized workshop(s) only, as per the recommended schedule, to be eligible for warranty benefits. Each paid service should be availed within 120 days from the date of the previous service or as per the recommended schedule, whichever is earlier.

c) if any defect is observed in the vehicle. Bajaj’s only obligation/ liability is to repair or replace that part/ those parts which is/are considered to be the cause of such defect, provided however that such defect has not resulted due to misuse/ improper handling, etc. of the vehicle. Any vehicle needing repair should be brought along with Owner’s Manual as well as the Owner’s manual supplementary to Bajaj’s authorized workshop(s) for necessary inspection and rectification jobs.

d) Replacing mandatory periodic parts such as air filter, oil filter etc. as per periodic maintenance schedule.

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    Further, this warranty is NOT applicable to:

    1. Normal maintenance operations like brake & clutch adjustments, cleaning of the fuel system, engine tune-up or such other adjustments.
    2. Parts subject to normal wear & tear like Clutch Plates, Brake Shoes, Chain, Sprockets, and Fork Oil Seal. Spark Plug, Control Cables, Brake Pads.
    3. Replacement of bulbs & rubber components like grommets, ‘O’ rings. bellows as well as filters, packings, gaskets, fasteners etc.
    4. Painted parts. Only blistering or peeling off of paint film are covered under warranty. Any defect arising out due to external damages or due to usage of protective covers /additional protective coatings adverse atmospheric conditions etc. are not allowed like under warranty.
    5. All consumables like Engine oil, Fork Oil, Brake Oil, Grease etc. are chargeable to the customer.
    6. Any defect arising due to above consumables not changed as per scheduled or if used other t the recommended one.
    7. Never drive your bike through flooded roads or a flooded patch, as damages to the engine parts due to water entry is not covered under the warranty
    8. All chrome plated parts are prone to rust or corrosion in coastal areas or in acidic environments or due to neglected cleaning etc. However, chrome film peeling is covered under warranty in general atmospheric conditions. Blue/ Yellow colouration of silencer near exhaust port is permissible and hence not covered under warranty.
    9. Oxidation of unpainted/painted crankcase, cylinder block, cylinder head etc. in the acidic environment or in a coastal area.
    10. Parts of the vehicle that have been subjected to misuse, accident, a negligent treatment OR which have been used in conjunction with parts & and equipment not manufactured or recommended for use by Bajaj Auto Limited, if found in the sole judgement of Bajaj Auto Limited, such use prematurely affects the performance and reliability of the vehicle.
    11. Parts of the vehicle that have been altered and modified or replaced in an unauthorized manner like the use of wider tyres, loud silencers etc and which in the sole judgement of Bajaj Auto Limited affect its performance and reliability.
    12. Vehicles which are not being serviced at recommended dealers as per the service schedule described or which have not been operated or maintained in accordance with the instructions maintained in the Owner’s Manual.
    13. Vehicles are used for any competition or race and/or for attempting to set up any kind of record.
    14. 14. Any failure arising due to the use of adulterated or bad quality fuel. Parts affected due to bad fuel quality are not covered Under warranty.
    15. 15. If additional electrical accessories such as – Remote, Bigger horn, Musical brake light etc. are fitted on the vehicle.
    16. If the vehicle has been used for commercial purposes like Taxi or any other means of commercial transportation.

    Bajaj Auto Limited reserves the right to make any changes in design or to add any improvements on the vehicle at any time without incurring any obligation to install the same on a vehicle previously supplied and sold. Also, the conditions of this warranty are subject to alteration without any notice.


      Periodic service criteria
    service Days Kms
    1st Free service 30~45 500~750
    2nd Free service 240 4500~5000
    3rd Free service 360 9500~10000
    Paid Service
    120-day form
    last service
    Every 5000 km
    After previous


    Please follow the following procedure:

    Please provide your mobile number to the Dealer at the time of buying of new Bajaj Vehicle.

    • In case of a change in the mobile number, please update to Dealer / ASD.

    When you are at Dealership/ ASD workshop for availing of Free Service, you will receive the ‘Unique Coupon Number’ (UCN) through SMS on your mobile.

    Please inform the UCN to Dealer / ASD at the time of Free Service.


    Are you ready for an AMC CARD?

    Bajaj is committed to providing you with an AMC card riding experience through Value for Money initiatives. In pursuit of this objective, we already incorporate a 5 Year Warranty and 3 Free Services  all of which are available through a vast array of networks;

    To make your journey even more enjoyable, we have launched yet another first-of-its-kind service – The Bajaj AMC Card. Bajaj  Authorised Service Centres.

    The programme will enable you to meet your vehicle’s servicing needs with ease.

    Key Features of Joyride

    1. 3 periodic maintenances at authorized workshops for optimum vehicle performance*
    2. Savings of up to 30%* on service labour cost
    3. 5%* off on engine oil
    4. Labour discount of 10%* on additional jobs
    5. Free minor jobs*
    6. Special invitations to all free check-up camps

    The enhanced resale value of the vehicle

    *Terms and conditions apply

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