Motorcycles come in different sizes and of course, different seat heights, and this variation in size are true for riders and not everyone has the same height. This is why seat height is an important parameter when buying a motorcycle for many people. Low-height riders are generally looking for a motorcycle that has an accessible seat height for their better comfort. Some bikes have seats so high that riders have to recline. The Bajaj Avenger is the most accessible seat Indian bike for low height person in India. When it comes to motorcycles, nothing boosts your confidence more than being able to put both your feet on the ground. Although there are not many options available for short-height riders, there are companies that consider this issue as well. According to research, the average height of an Indian man is 5 feet 4 inches; short riders need not worry because Bajaj Avengers are bikes that solve this problem by giving less seat height.

Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220

Bajaj Avenger Street Cruise 220 claims the lowest seat height on an Indian motorcycle. Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise is the only available option in the market for cruiser lovers in India. Bikes have a monopoly in this segment as no other manufacturer has ever launched a 200+ cc bike in the cruiser segment. The seat height of the Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise is 737 mm which is quite low and suitable for all kinds of short riders, making it easier for smaller riders. On the other hand, the bikes also get the foot pegs installed at the front, and hence this bike is not only focused on short riders but tall riders can also ride comfortably on the Avenger 220.
Talking about the seats, the bike gets well-padded seats for the rider and the hinder inhabitants. It’s comfortable for long lifts. Powering the Cruise 220 is the Pulsar 200F’s tried and tested machine. The machine is a 220cc, single-cylinder air-and canvas-cooled DTS-I machine that produces 19bhp and17.5 Nm of peak necklace. The machine sleeps to a five-speed gearbox. Which is tuned for trace riding and offers a top speed of 130 kmph. The sports fisherman motorcycle is also equipped with single-channel ABS. The energy frugality of the Avenger 220 Cruise is low. The average avail you’ll get is around 35 km which is further than enough for a machine with aged technology. The range of the bike is an important factor for any sport fisherman. The Avenger comes with a 13-liter energy tank that can promise you a range of 450 km in a single tankful.

Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 bs6

Avenger Street Cruise 220 price ranges from Rs 1.33Lakh ex-showroom, Noida and the on-road prices are as below:
Avenger Street Cruise 220 (On-road, Noida): 1, 57,527/-
Avenger Street Cruise 220 (On-road, Ghaziabad): 1, 56,500/-
Avenger Street Cruise 220 (On-road, New Delhi): 1, 55,641/-

Bajaj Avenger 160

Bajaj Avenger 160 is a budget cruiser motorcycle that was launched in the 160 cc segment. Taking inspiration from traditional cruiser motorcycles, it has a seat height of 737 mm and a curb weight of 156 kg. The Avenger Street 160 is powered by an air-cooled, 160cc, single-cylinder, fuel-injected engine with a 2-valve head. This motor is capable of producing 14.79 bhp at 8500 rpm and a peak torque output of 13.7 Nm at 7000 rpm. Anyone above a height of 5 feet can easily plant their feet firmly and completely on the ground, and with minimum, The curb weight makes the bike very maneuverable. This is the reason why Avenger is one of the oldest and most reliable short-height bikes in India. Both, Avenger Street 160 and the Cruse 220 have seat heights of 737 mm. If you are looking for a low-slung urban cruiser that is not only competitively priced but extremely comfortable, the Avenger is a good choice.

Bajaj Avenger 160 Street BS6

Avenger 160 price ranges from Rs 1.09Lakh ex-showroom, Noida and the on-road prices are as below:
Avenger 160 (On-road, Noida): 1, 57,527/-
Avenger 160 (On-road, Ghaziabad): 1, 56,500/-
Avenger 160 (On-road, New Delhi): 1, 55,641/-

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