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While Bajaj bikes have solved many commutation problems. They still need to be serviced and maintained regularly to ensure best performance and longevity. To attain these ends, one needs to visit an authorized Bajaj service center in Noida. However, the associated hassles of visiting a garage force bike owners to keep postponing their two-wheeler’s servicing.

Being bike lovers ourselves, we at Kay Dee Bajaj deeply care about the well being of your two-wheeler. We offer best in class servicing along with customer services.

When you walk into our Bajaj bike service center in Noida we make sure that the bike servicing is done on your terms!

Benefits of visiting Kay Dee Bajaj Service Center in Noida

As mentioned before we have a completely customer-centric and value-oriented array of services.

Our servicing packages cover all the essential aspects – from periodic maintenance to accidental and normal repairs.

As a trusted Bajaj bike service center in Noida, we ensure cost savings as well as the highest service quality to all our customers. When you walk into our Bajaj service center in Noida you can rest assured that your bike would be worked upon by certified mechanics.

We also ensure that only original spares would be used in case any part changes are required.

Why Us?

  • Certified Mechanics: We value your satisfaction deeply, so we have handpicked the most talented and certified mechanics in NCR. When our expert’s service your two-wheeler there will be no reasons to complain.
  • Completely Transparent: We want our customers to come back each time they want to service a bike. This is why we make sure that each facet of our service is completely transparent. Which include changing spare parts to pricing and any other aspect of our service.
  • Convenient Services: We want nothing to come between your bike’s well being and we have a very flexible approach towards servicing and maintenance.We offer our services at your home, office or any other location that might be suitable. We can also plan the servicing at a time that matches your schedule.
  • Highest Quality Standards: We keep challenging ourselves and raising the quality bar of our services higher each time. We care a lot about your ride experience. One of our core mottos is to offer best in class services at affordable costs.
  • Empowering Women: We have made sure that the women two-wheeler owners can take charge of their bike servicing. Without any assistance from their male counterparts. Now, you can simply call us or fix an appointment online. Our courteous mechanic will be at your doorsteps at a date and time of your convenience.
  • Service Log Maintenance: At Kay Dee Bajaj bike service center in Noida we make sure that each and every detail of your servicing are maintained flawlessly. Our in-depth detailing helps you provide authentic data while planning to sell a two-wheeler.
  • Timely Reminder: We make sure of sending you periodic reminders to keep you mindful about the upcoming servicing dates.

Expert Tips from Kay Dee Bajaj to Keep your Bike well-maintained

  • Do not visit a local garage. Always search by a “Bajaj service center near me” and visit only the authorized service center. This practice ensures the best performance and longevity of your two-wheeler.
  • Follow the service manual to the tee in terms of maintenance schedule, service procedures, and other important information mentioned.
  • Bajaj two-wheelers should be serviced once in every 3 months and this duration may be increased to 5 months only if you do not drive regularly.
  • All the important fluids (such as engine oil, brake oil, coolant, etc.) should be replaced from time to time.
  • Balanced air pressure should be maintained in the tires. Also, check your tires for balding and replace them when you see such signs. While replacing the tires make sure to change them in pairs.
  • Air filters take a beating, given the dusty roads existing in India, and they should be replaced periodically.
  • The clutch tightness should be adjusted properly. It should neither be too loose nor too tight.
  • Vital engine parts, including carburetor and spark plug, should be changed at the earliest when such a change is recommended by experts.

Bajaj Service center Noida – Methodology

    1. Call us or book an appointment online
    2. Mention a Date, Time and Location
    3. Get an appointment confirmation
    4. Visit our Bajaj service center in Noida or we sent a mechanic to your mentioned address
    5. Two-wheeler is inspected and serviced immediately
    6. The bike is returned back within the shortest turnaround

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