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Book a Service for your Bajaj Motorcycles at Kay Dee Bajaj, Sector-63, Noida.

Thinking of booking a service of your Bajaj motorcycle? Look no further!

Book your motorcycle service at the most reliable Kay Dee Bajaj (Bajaj Authorized service center) in Noida, Sector-63.

Our top-notch service staff will understand your requirements as well as possible.  Our Bajaj trained service advisors, technicians, mechanics and workshop in-charge look forward to your bikes’ visit to our Sector-63, Noida service center.

Our service center, which has been created as per the latest Bajaj workshop standards is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure premium servicing and repair works for your bikes.Repair works with high standards of quality are very important at Kay Dee Bajaj and this is why our workshop has been planned with high-tech equipment and facilities for any work on your bikes.

Kay Dee Bajaj- workshop offer quick on-the-spot repairs for minor mechanical jobs. Repairs will be assessed case-by-case and performed at the discretion of the mechanics on duty.

Our qualified bike mechanics offer repairs and servicing on all Bajaj Motorcycles models. When you book your service in advance, we can complete work on your bike in just one day. To make sure this happens, we suggest that you contact us before your preferred service date.

We have a team of Bajaj trained technicians at your service who work to give you an excellent experience of owning Bajaj motorcycles.


Your engine oil needs to be changed regularly to ensure engine longevity. Get it done at Kay Dee Bajaj with our experienced technician.  


In the case of brakes becoming too tight, or too loose is very dangerous. At Kay Dee Bajaj replace the bike’s brake pads. 


The dusty conditions in India could clog up the filter in very less time – make sure to keep the air filter clean. So Kay Dee Bajaj is to help you out.  


Getting the bike to mechanic or service centre and getting the chain adjusted to manufacturer’s specifications is the wise thing to do. Get it done at Kay Dee Bajaj. 


Your bike’s battery requires periodical maintenance to ensure a long and trouble-free life. If required, top-up the battery with distilled water. Get your Bikes battery fully maintained at Kay Dee Bajaj 


It is important to check your bike tyres regularly. A thorough look at condition of your bike and air pressure. Do not forget to check it once in a week with Kay Dee Bajaj.