Bajaj BS6 Platina and CT 100 launched

Bajaj Auto has rolled out the BS6-compliant version of its two commuters – Platina and CT 100. The BS6 Bajaj Platina and CT100 come in two variants – kick start and electric start.

BS6 Bajaj CT 100 and Platina EI system 

Both of these bikes have been given a newly developed Electronic Injection system. This is a version of the fuel injection system. Conventionally the fuel injection system is used for a performance upgrade. But this system has been tuned for economy. It misses out on ECU maps and is fairly primitive as compared to the regular Fuel injection system.

This allows the company to make it at a much cheaper rate than the conventional Fuel injection system. The company states that it has been developed by Bajaj Auto R&D centre. The EI system allows maintaining the mileage of the Bajaj CT 100 and Platina. This also makes the fueling constant and the engine feels smoother.

Bajaj CT 100 BS6 Detail: All you need to know 

  • The CT BS6 range offers two engine options -100cc and 110cc. The CT110 of the BS6 range comes with a LED Day Running Light (DRL).
  • The CT 100 is a bare-bones bike with minimal upgrade the CT 110 will be a slightly upgraded version.
  • The vehicle will also have a bash plate which helps in indicating the durability of the vehicle.

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Bajaj Platina BS6 Overview 

  • The Platina range will also come in two variants -100cc and 110cc H-Gear.
  • The Bajaj Platina offers some best-in-segment features including H Gear system, anti-skid braking system, tubeless tyres and quilt-stitched seat.
  • The topmost variant of the vehicle gets H-gear option which is a 5-speed version of the vehicle.

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Ex- showroom Noida Price of Bajaj Platina and CT 100

Bajaj has launched its BS6 model with price hike. Check the price comparison below to find the price hike as per Ex- showroom Noida Price: Model BS4(Ex-showroom price) BS6 (Ex-showroom price)
1 CT-100 Alloy KS 34,317 39,898
2 CT-100 Alloy ES 39,949 47,661
3 CT-110 Alloy KS 39,603 46,022
4 CT-110 Alloy ES 43,456 49,875
5 Platina 100 ES-CBS 48,749 55,117
6 Platina 100 KS CBS 39,987 47,187
7 Platina 110 Disc H Gear 56,307 59,136


Looking to buy Bajaj bike dealership in Noida or Ghaziabad and having some questions regarding BS6 or BS4 is quite normal. Listed below are some of the common questions and the answers:

  1. What is the difference between BS4 and BS6 Bike? How is BS6 better than BS4?

Ans. Do you have these questions in mind? Please call Kay Dee Bajaj at 8750044099/ 8510055132 to know answer to these questions.

  1. What will happen to BS4 bikes after April 2020?

Ans. Ban is on upcoming vehicles to be sold by 2020 and it has nothing to do with vehicles being used by common public, so we don’t have to worry about it at all. If you purchased a BS4 Bajaj Bike before April 2020 then need not to worry it will remain valid till its end of life.

  1. Should I buy BS6 or BS4 Bajaj bike?

Ans. If you are looking to buy a bike upto 150CC then BS4 is a better option as the price increase of 8K-10K will make BS6 Bike very expensive for you.

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  • If you are looking to buy a bike upto 150CC then BS4 is a better option as the price increase of 8K-10K will make BS6 Bike very expensive for you.
  • Looking for 160CC and above, you can choose between BS4 and BS6 and decide what is best for you.
  • Planning to buy a bike which are of Rs. 80k (On-road) then you must go for BS4 as you would not like to give 15-20% extra for BS6. If you are planning to buy a bike for Rs. 1.25 Lakh (On-Road) you should choose for BS6 considering the price increase will be of just 6%.
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