Buying a bike on EMI?


Looking to buy a bike on EMI in Delhi, Noida or Ghaziabad and having some questions is quite normal. Listed below are some of the common questions and the answers:


Q.1.How much will be the minimum down payment for buying a bike?

A. 1. Minimum Down payment shall depend on the price of the bike. Suppose you buy a Bajaj Platina 100 which sells from approximately at Rs. 50000 at Kay Dee Bajaj, Noida, and the down payment will be around Rs. 7000. For a Bajaj Avenger 160 Street approximately worth Rs. 103000, your down payment will be Rs. 15000. The down payment figure varies as per your profile too.


Q.2. Can I pay in 36 EMIs for a bike?

A.2. Yes for a Bajaj bike at Kay Dee Bajaj, Noida you can buy on EMIs from 12 to 36 months.


Q.3. What is the Interest rate charged in a bike loan?

A.3. Interest rate charged by various finance companies is different. Also, all the companies run different profile wise schemes. For example, there is a Non-Income Proof scheme, which charges a higher rate of Interest. If you have a proper income proof and a bank statement to prove, the interest rate charged is the lowest.


Q.4. I have 80% of the amount of bike, just need the rest financed without much botheration. Is it possible?

A.4. If you reside in Delhi, Noida or Ghaziabad, it is indeed possible to pay a high down payment,it makes the loan very easy. Some finance companies have also started to allow NO-HP Marking the Registration Certificate for such finance cases.


Q.5. How much time will a finance guy take at the showroom?

A.5. Time varies on your preparation of documents and advance planning. Few of our customers send the credentials before-hand. We get the case approved before their visit. They just come for signing the documentation and taking the bike delivery. If you are residing in Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad or Delhi, for getting a bike on EMI you can contact Kay Dee Bajaj on whatsapp at 8750044099 or on the below given details.


Q.6. On what date is the EMI deducted?

A.6. Every finance company has a different date of deduction every month. For example Bajaj finance and HDFC deduct the EMI on 6th of every month.


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